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Friday, January 8, 2010

Online Privacy

This subject is a slight deviation from my regular posts but it is an important one and I think you’ll agree.
Privacy is a hot topic in America today. Privacy of all types of personal information is strongly guarded. Medical or financial information is practically lock and key. Just try and get the date of your wife’s dentist appointment over the phone. They won’t release the information. HOWEVER I have become more and more aware of the invasion of privacy on the internet. A large majority of sites you visit seems to be putting information on your computer or at least spying on you. Maybe they claim it is to customize the advertisements aimed at you but what I share (what you share) should be by choice. Deleting or blocking cookies is not enough. Your IP address is still available and often recorded. This means the host can isolate where you are connected from instantly and know if you are a return visitor. With a little effort they can find even more about your specific connection. You can hide your IP address with this software and then know your personal browsing is protected from unwanted snoopers.
I spend a large amount of time connected to the internet. Every place I browse can record my surfing activity and the risks have become quite scary. The problem is more than privacy; it is also an issue of safety. If you are linked even by accident to a site they can in moment know your IP and with little effort to the provider find out who and where you are. There is a lot of free content on the web but if you are sacrificing your personal information that may be a price greater then you intended to pay. Real Hide My IP is highly recommended for all.
We used to believe that the bad people needed to hide and if you’re a ‘good guy’ you have nothing to hide. This is sadly no longer true. Today the ‘bad guy’ comes in many forms and with a multitude of agendas. Even if it not theft specifically to record a users IP address you can become a target for aggressive online predators / advertisers / or just plain snooping spies. I have started looking into this and when I found a simple fix I knew it was something my readers should know about.
Check it out. Hope this is Helpful.
Cheers All!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Frustrated in Mafia Wars

I am becoming quite frustrated with the mafia wars fightscreens. The thing is so messed up! I used to get such high level players but now that I only tap people once I get the low level fight screen!! why is it that I have lvl 191's on my fight screen? the day starts out with 600's and 500's cool but then 400' and 300's OK. but WHY would drop lower. are there that few people to fight on one server? well you would think they would suffle the servers or something I don't kno. seesh. If I sit and pound hard on the 500's someoneone gets ticked but if I one touch then everyone with one tap 1200*5lvls=I need 6000 new targets a day to not repeat and it drops to low levels which is exceedingly frustrating because some of these come back kicking and screaming abuse (after one tap) shheeeesh. Others wisly join my mafia instead of crying about it.

Last night I let my stamina waste and watched a couple movies. tonight... I'm going to have to do the same. I want to hit the last top goal of 15% safecraker in the game I just need safes to crack at a lvl where players have lost there baby teeth. I love those player too I was that guy a few months ago all worried about getting on the hitlist and continually getting robbed by bigger guys. I called on friends. BUT NOW if you call on friend they could get banned. be careful who you upset people are abusing the report abuse button and heads are rolling too fast.

this just plain nuts.
I believe the opportunity to hit the heist quota ended when they started banning people. there is no way now to get 50,000 I have barely done 5000 this week and already hve my door being beating down by crybabies throwing around threats. That option didn't used to be there. unbelievable....

vent over... going to watch a movie. good night Mafia Wars. Heres hoping for sunnier days.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Iron Man

I entered the Theater today to see yet another comic book movie. THIS IS MORE! To my surprise this breathtaking superhero/action/drama was so much more than I could have expected. Spectacular doesn't even do justice to Jon Favreau's brilliant direction! The character development is deep and authentic. Tony Stark, is a billionaire playboy who has a charge of heart, both literally and metaphorically, in the film. The casting choice of Robert Downey Jr, to play the role, was brave and perfect! He fits the role to a tee and delivers a great performance. The plot development, to sincerely believe this characters change of heart, is seamless and solid. Yes, this is an 'origin of Iron Man' film but the background essential to understanding the character and to establish the franchise future. There are a few acceptable updates form the comic; but to see the way it worked so well in this story makes me believe they are only improvements. Gwyneth Paltrow is a perfect Pepper Potts, Iron Man's Lois Lane. She is charming and lovable in the role. Jeff Bidges was unexpected here; maybe not the only choice but a good one for sure, and Terence Howard also never loses a step. Great acting aside this is also a terrific story! Weapons designer billionaire is captured by terrorists, tricks them, and secretly builds his own escape weapon. After the death of his friend, he sent off with the words "Don't waste you life Stark." Additionally he witnesses, first hand, the atrocities committed with his very own weapons. By now he has a become a new man. Finally, fulled further by a harsh betrayal, and then with his new convictions he sets out to make amends for his past. There is mass appeal in this movie; something for everyone to love. The movie does spend some on the science of the robotics involved but not too much to lose pace with the action. It also has many laughs but again they fit in place just right. Of numerous comic book adaptations few have seamless CGI, spectacular script, great direction, stellar casting, and endearing characters, along with the kickass action. Iron Man has is all!! This is a must see! Hope this is Helpful!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The King of Kong (2007)

The King of Kong, A fist full of Quarters (2007)

Do you love classic Arcade games? How much do you know about the best arcade plays in the world during the 80’s? Billy Mitchell is a rockstar of the arcade world. As a multiple record holder from the 80’s, he is being challenged by a great honest and likable family man, by the name Steve Wiebe. Steve has OCD and is one extremely competitive guy (much like myself). He decided to beat Billy Mitchell’s high score in the hardest of the top games, Donkey Kong. Steve Wiebe’s obsessive study of the game is absolutely fascinating. Even if you are not personally obsessed with arcade games, you will enjoy this peek inside the cultic subculture of arcade master gamers. There is a world of strategies and conspiracies; spies and investigators; mind games and MORE. Who would have thought! Wiebe accepted a machine from the wrong guy. Was this a vendetta? Was there fraud? Does he win in a live sanctioned environment? WOW. I never would have imagined I would be so drawn into this documentary. I was sitting back and cheering him on in a big way. It is horrible to see the manipulation rockstars use, even if arcade rockstars. I honestly hurt for this man in his sadness and rejoiced in his victories. I was so taken by this sub-culture I visited the website to learn more about it. There are people today still just as obsessed with these games. Fascinating! Be sure to watch through the credits and check out the Special Features ‘The Saga Continues’. Additionally, there are on-line DVD rom feature on this disc. This is a must see with out question!! Enjoy. I hope this is Helpful!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The GamePlan (2007)

This is a must see family film! Disney has a successful formula for these though guy turned softy family films. While it was a formula tried in The Pacifier (2005), Vin Diesel did not have nearly the convincing performance that Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) had here in The GamePlan. I was very pleasantly surprised, that he could carry the roll so well. I thought he was even more authentic as the sensitive father than the arrogant self centered guy Joe Kingman started out to be. Yes there are a few cheep laughs but it is part of the process. In the end this becomes a very touching father daughter story. A predicable inspirational ending actually brought a tear to my eye (yes I am a softy). The daughter is played by the adorable and seasoned (well beyond her years) young actress, Madison Pettis. Innocent but assumptive, she wants a spot in her dad’s heart and she makes a space where there wasn’t one. Kyra Sedgwick plays the single-minded focused money motivated agent for Joe while Roselyn Sanchez (a ballet instructor) counterbalances the self centered focus with a voice of reason and pushes him to be a part of his daughters life. All the pieces fit together nicely. Even the foot ball team provides great comedic relief. This is a must see. Hope this is helpful!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Stardust (2007)

Stardust has EVERYTHING! Absolutely Magnificent! It has action, adventure, a grand quest, Love, love-lost & found again. It has sword fights and flying pirate ships. It has Robert De Niro dancing in a dress. There is suspense and white knuckle chases. There is a plethora of magic and fantastic fairytale story telling, with witches and spells and lucky charms and silly ghosts. It made us laugh and cry and yell RUN FASTER, and hold our breath and hold hands even tighter. My wife asked, Where were we when this movie came out? How could it be that we didn't see it ‘till now. A new family favorite and at the top of my absolute must see movies list. The is a heartwarming love story that takes place in a magical word. Our unsuspecting hero stumbles across a grand adventure. This is my wife’s new favorite movie since The Princess Bride. It has a charming tenderness, while maintaining and exciting fantasy adventure that exceeds even that of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies while actually not going as overboard with visuals. Stardust simply has a story that you want to hear. The cast is everything you hope for. Charlie Cox is phenomenal. Claire Danes is stunning and sweet. Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, ALL very solid. If you have ever enjoyed a whimsical fantasy adventure, you will adore this one. Even if you are usually more into action or Sci-fi or even Romance. This move DOES have it ALL! This is beyond highly recommended, it is a MUST SEE! Add it to you queue now and you won’t be sorry. Enjoy! Hope this is helpful!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Holiday Movies list - Featured on Netflix Blog

I am happy to see that Michael liked my List of Holiday Movies enough to start a blob tops about it.

Pretty cool huh? =)

Here is the list directly:

Enjoy & Happy Holidays everyone.